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No sleep EA - Marcelo Pereira - 04-05-2020

Um bom EA, teste sua vontade

RE: No sleep EA - Antaresaka - 04-06-2020

Gracias por su contribuci├│n a la comunidad

RE: No sleep EA - abconqq7 - 04-08-2020

Want to have a test!

RE: No sleep EA - batcher44 - 04-09-2020

Any live results ?
Please upload results.

RE: No sleep EA - Doherty James - 04-12-2020

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[Image: zwSDZhF.jpg]

RE: No sleep EA - saenznicolass - 04-14-2020

Thanks. Will test it

RE: No sleep EA - DaniloMonteiro - 04-14-2020


RE: No sleep EA - Fx_gen_5 - 04-16-2020

I want to test this EA

RE: No sleep EA - mondayrebel - 04-18-2020


RE: No sleep EA - Jatin23 - 04-19-2020

(04-05-2020, 02:29 PM)Marcelo Pereira Wrote: Um bom EA, teste sua vontade
Hey can u share tbe backtest of this ea?