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  1. Farabot

    Forex contest by FXOpen

    Announcing Winners of Money Managers Forex Contest On November 28th, 2021, FXOpen ended its Money Managers contest where real Forex PAMM accounts competed against each other. A sole participant emerged victorious, having met all the conditions: 1stplace and the $5,000 prize go to GSV...
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    Daily analysis by FXOpen

    Gold Price and Crude Oil Price Aim Fresh Increase Gold price is attempting a fresh increase above the $1,780 resistance zone. Crude oil price could gain pace if there is a clear move above the $68.00 level. Important Takeaways for Gold and Oil Gold price started a fresh decline from well...
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    Daily analysis by FXOpen

    ETHUSD and LTCUSD Technical Analysis – 02nd DEC, 2021 ETHUSD: Bullish Engulfing Pattern Above $4,400 Ethereum had a major bearish correction last week when it declined towards the $4,000 handle after touching a high of $4,551. ETHUSD started this week in a consolidation phase after which it...
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    Daily analysis by FXOpen

    EUR/USD Starts Fresh Increase, USD/JPY Bears Remain In Action EUR/USD started a fresh increase above the 1.1300 resistance. USD/JPY is declining and might accelerate lower below the 113.00 support. Important Takeaways for EUR/USD and USD/JPY The Euro started a steady increase above the...
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    Daily analysis by FXOpen

    AUD/USD dan NZD/USD Berubah Merah, Risiko Lebih Banyak Kerugian AUD/USD memulai penurunan baru dari jauh di atas 0,7250. NZD/USD juga menurun, dan mungkin berakselerasi lebih rendah di bawah level 0,6800. Pengambilan Penting untuk AUD/USD dan NZD/USD Dolar Aussie memulai penurunan besar...
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    Daily analysis by FXOpen

    Analisis Teknis ETHUSD dan LTCUSD – 25 NOV, 2021 ETHUSD: Pola Double Bottom Di Atas $4,000 Pada 23 November, Ethereum menyentuh level terendah $ 4.030, setelah itu harga stabil dan, mulai kemarin, memasuki fase konsolidasi. Di sesi perdagangan Asia hari ini, ETHUSD menyentuh tertinggi...
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    Babe Blade Algo EA -[Cost $1500]- For FREE

    EA may well work on backtest, but still not sure if later use on a real account, there are so many robots trading for free and with expensive cost but will better to learn to trade manually, and later if use ea can drive to support using ea, so when ea making the worst trading decision might...
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    Swing Trading Strategies that Actually Works always

    Swing trading is comfortable trading style, if compared to scalping, swing trading will make emotion more relax, because not always trader will in front of the screen, but scalping giving more chances to catch profit at short time, scalping trader may spent time for trading about only 2 -4...
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    Be careful while buying signal from Telegram Services

    Now there are so many telegram channel created, but when the reader needs to buy a signal in telegram, I think better carefully because it need cost, they as signal provider maybe only want to take your money, if possible get access to free trading signal, in FXOpen also update analysis daily...
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    Copy Trading or MAM Account Service

    Besides copy trading, there is another type services from brokers that works like as a bridge between trader and investor trader, namely PAMM trading service, investor trader can invest money on the respective master account that chosen, in FXOpen they also offer PAMM trading service to...
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    Manual Trading for V75 index

    Manual trading can be profitable when the trader already mastered all patterns in the forex market, trader can work naked trading analysis or using indicator as a help tool, but the main difficulty when manual trading is about how to control emotion, when trader still often emotion, manual...
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    Simple trading

    Yes indeed for some people trading is easy, making a profit is easy, but for some another maybe forex trading is difficult, but usually, traders fail and they give up and decided to leave forex, they can't make money with forex, and out from forex as looser, but the trader that has a high...
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    There are thousands ea shared on forum community, most ea shared for advertising, many traders selling ea for make money and not guaranteed if ea can working well and profitable, sometimes good or bad ea also depending with the setting, amount capital, and also a broker.
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    good EA

    I am using scalping ea combine with manual trading, good or bad ea before to use in real account better to make a backtest, forward test and understand how the ea work, almost ea endanger account because using martingale trading system.
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    Free Intraday trades and Scalps

    I like manual trading, but also combine with use scalping ea, maybe one advantage of scalping ea and manual scalping is when using scalping ea we can leave the chart and not always in front of the screen, but manual scalping need the highest focus and concentration.
  16. Farabot

    Price Action Trading Strategy

    Make trade as simple as possible, stay away from complicating trading, price action is the most simple trading setup, the trader just learn about candlestick pattern, reading directly to the chart is represented the real market condition, I like this price action trading
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    BTC ETH successful trading

    Now I am still work in forex and not yet trading crypto, one opportunity crypto market is open 7 days a week, the market grows and this is grassroots business because there are some country banned cryptos, like China and India. in my broker is also available crypto account, but I am like to...
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    For trader that uses forex robot in their trades, using VPS will reduce computer risk because robot trading needs to run 24 hours, the one option to use VPS is hiring VPS from the third party, the second option is use VPS that provided by the broker, but they have a certain requirement to...
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    Market Profile Indicators for MetaTrader

    Seems good indicator, but how to use as rules to entry is no detail explanation, the user only guessing how to use, in my view these line as support and resistance level, where trader can use pending order based indicator to make entry point
  20. Farabot

    MoneyMaker EA unlimited and free

    How about the current performance of this ea that shared since 2019, is it still work well, or already incompatible anymore with the current market?