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    Forex Trading.

    Forex trading is nothing but a mental game but this mental game can turn you affluent if you can rightly utilize it. Proper mindset of trading should be developed for trading; otherwise a trader can’t survive in trading.
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    ECN Forex Broker.

    Among the three types of brokers, I prefer ECN brokers the most as these brokers are enriched with facilities and security. Try to select such an ECN broker that ensures high trading leverage, narrow trading spread, flexible margin, high security of funding, technical errors free platform.
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    Money Management in Forex.

    Proper money management in trading can help you take away good amount of profit. But most of traders are found indifferent to this. As a result, they can’t bear away profit on average. Lowering trading lot size, using micro accounts, trading in low spread trading pairs are all money management...
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    Forex Trading Strategy.

    A strategy doesn’t work well in multiple pairs and so traders should select a single pair for trading and become expert at that pair. Then he or she can move to another pair to have idea over it. But, if a trader goes for multiple pairs all at once, he or she cannot do well in trading. So, be...
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    Success in Forex

    Success in trading depends on several aspects, and choosing reliable trading broker is one of those aspects. It affects trading in many ways like traders face different technical errors at the time of trading. So, a reliable trading broker is free of such issues and traders feel easy trading...
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    What's Your Trading Leverage?

    No doubt, trading leverage is such a useful parameter! Retail Forex traders need this feature in their live trading; by the way don’t try to rely on high trading leverage; most of the successful Forex traders are using here low trading leverage, because they know the value of money management...
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    Why is Forex trading so hard?

    In Forex, more than 95% traders are unable to make money! Actually, Forex trading is all about trading knowledge & skill; but unfortunately a number of new traders try to make huge amount of money here with an ordinary trading skill; as a result they face such a big crashes in their live...