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10 Keys for Successful Trading
This E-Book is all about forex Trading for beginners. It covers all the basics of Forex Trading.

“Forex” is an acronym for Foreign Exchange. It is a market where people exchange one country’s currency for another country’s currency. It is called the cash market or spot market.
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10 pips a trade System
This is a simple system. Using this in a 15 minute chart for 10 pips a day... but often this time frame can produce 20 or more per trade.

The pictured example is a fifteen minute chart.
When the rules are followed I experience about a 75% win rate, with very low risk.

This was backtested 500 trades, strategy tested 250, and demo traded 100 trades.

Currency Pair: ANY
Timeframe: ANY

Bollinger Bands (21) - Deviations (2)
Stochastics (13,8,5) - Levels: 20,3