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Candle Stick Pattern Trading Bible


Candlesticks are important to you trading analysis because, it is considered as a visual representation of what is going on in the market. By looking at a candlestick, we can get valuable information about the open, high, low and the close of price, which will give us an idea about the price movement.

Candlesticks are flexible, they can be used alone or in combination with technical analysis tools such as the moving averages, and momentum oscillators, they can be used also with methods such the Dow Theory or the Eliot wave theory.

The human behavior in relation to money is always dominated by fear; greed, and hope, candlestick analysis will help us understand these changing psychological factors by showing us how buyers and sellers interact with each other’s. Candlesticks provide more valuable information than bar  charts, using them is a win-win situation, because you can get all the trading signals. 

Candlesticks are used by most professional traders, banks, and hedge funds, these guys trade millions of dollars every day, they can move the market whenever they want.

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Basic EA Programmer
We need to learn that  candlesticks are created by up and down movements in the price. While these price movements sometimes appear random, at other times they form patterns that traders use for analysis or trading purposes. There are many candlestick patterns. Here a sampling to get you started. This helps you to use an EA's in Virtual Private Server.
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