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Currency Correlation Forex Trading


I Found this bit interesting in a forum. This could be useful

In the case of gold rose in normal and normal conditions

NZDUSD / Rises because New Zealand is one of the largest gold producers

USD / AUDUSD falls as Australia is the third largest gold exporter in the world

USDCAD / Drops because Canada is the 5th largest producer of Dahab in the world

USD / CHF / drops because of 25% of Switzerland's reserves supports Dahab

EURUSD / rising

Oil with currencies in case oil rose

News of Crude Oil Inventories If it falls below its previous level, the dollar will fall sharply against the Canadian (Mohamed Alnasaj)

All pairs fall against the Canadian

All Canadian pairs are moving strongly with the CAD in front of all pairs

USDCAD / for example -------- decreases strongly

The relationship between currencies

2. When the AUDUSD is up 1.00, the EURUSD is 0.33 and the GBPUSD is 0.41 and the USDJPY is 0.21 and the USDCHF is 0.29

1. When the EURUSD rises by 1.00, the AUDUSD is up 0.33 and the GBPUSD is up 0.94 and the USDJPY is rising 0.82

4. If the USDCHF rises by 1.00, AUDUSD drops 0.29 and the EURUSD is down 0.97 and the GBPUSD is down 0.89 and the USDJPY is 0.83

3. When the GBPUSD rises by 1.00, the EURUSD rises 0.91, the AUDUSD rises 0.41, the USDJPY rises 0.69 and the USDCHF drops 0.89

5. If the USDJPY is up 1.00%

The EURUSD is gaining 0.82 and the AUDUSD is gaining 0.21 and the GBPUSD is rising 0.69 and the USDCHF is down 0.83.

From these results, we conclude the very strong inverse relationship between USDCHF and the EURUSD and the strong correlation between GBPUSD and the EURUSD pair before entering the deal and after analyzing it does not neglect these relations between commodities and currencies, so they failed to analyze and lost due to neglect of these relations !!!!!!!! !!!!
very informative.  may i ask the source of your information?
Might be from other forums or sites. But I saw this working well.
Basic EA Programmer
Forex trading is one of the most popular business in this world. It is very popular because in this market it is possible to earn a lot of money. It takes no physical effort. It is completely a mind work. It takes less time to earn huge profit. On the other hand, It is also possible to fix your loss in this market.

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