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EA tahan banting v3.2 for low risk


EA Tahan Banting v3.2 is an expert advisor that helps in generating profits with low risk. This EA uses Hedging and martingale together to make profits and maintaining low drawdown.

This expert/system is developed by Soehoe-Traders forex forum a community of forex individuals.

Please test the EA first in order to get a complete understanding before using on a real account. No need to change settings, just test it in Demo.

As this EA helps in maintaining low risk, the profits will also be Because this EA can profit both when there is a long trend or during a long-term sideway. The system used is a combination of hedging and averaging. There is no Martingale system in this EA. The averaging system used is averaging with the same lot, not using multilevel lots. EA opened quite a number of positions but not very many.

If you are the type of trader who expects a profit of greater than 50% a month, then this EA is not suitable. I have used this EA to get a profit of greater than 10% per day but I didn't remember for long. That's why I reminded you from the start that the expected profit per month only ranges from 10% to 30%. The more risk comes with expecting more profits.

The price might go up or down or sideways. Wherever the price goes you are still profitable. Even though the price is sideways for months you can gain profit. This requires more margin and lower size of pips like 0.01. Try this until you feel this EA works for your margin and time.

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