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New Martingale EA Hokkydjong


I tried EA Hokkydjong Expert Advisor in demo account and it works well. But you might need more margin/starting balance as this EA is purely martingale.

This EA opens multiple trades while updating the take profit value to reach the maximum profit. This EA doesn't follow hedging so it is good to use with brokers who doesnt allow hedging.

Below is the trade results for 3 months

Balance: 10,000$
Test period: 3Months
Profit: 2149$
Drawdown: 5%

[Image: hokkyea.jpg]

[Image: hokkyresult.jpg]

Warning: This EA uses martingale, so please use this only if you can afford high deposit and use low lot size like 0.01. I better mention you to use micro account.

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can i use for cents acount in 3 pairs for 100$ funds in cents acount is it capable for that??is this e.a is unlimeted license?

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