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serious research broker


I live in France.  Esma regulations require European brokers to have leverage 1:30.  It's not much.
Do you know if as French I can legally be with a broker outside Europe?
Give me a list of several brokers with lever 500 that accepts private Europeans

Brokers are the main element for trading in forex. Without broker it is not possible to trade in forex. Most of the traders can, t choose a good broker from this big market where there are too many fake or scam brokers. A good adviser can suggest you a good broker. I choose my broker by researching all brokers profile and review in It helps me to find a broker which is very good for me.
Someone know one of them?
FBS, HotForex, OctaFX, JustForex
Are they good?

The trader basically emphasis on regulation when choosing a broker. as a professional trader I suggest to make sure the broker which is regulated by UK as well as US. Because for getting regulation from this organization is huge difficult and need huge money as well. So you can make sure a secure trading life if you can choose these regulated broker.

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