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Photo #1
[Image: kmPSm.png]

In the median channel of Dr. Alan Andrews, the price goes from point C to the median. Median is achieved in 80 channels per 100. On the way 
there is a level that the price always achieves, however, with a tolerance of +/- 10% of the entire distance. That's why I called it the Super Level - Poziom Super. 

There are many different methods of analyzing and forecasting the price movement. Most of them stop working after a few months. 
Underestimated, not very popular The median channel of Dr. Andrews works as seen here effectively from ... about one hundred years. 


[Image: EURUSDH1_SLK.png]

After  -  A few days later 

[Image: EURUSDH4_PS_O.png]
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