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Strategy Price action


Filtering bad-non active areas and closing positions with ADX(Average directional movement index).
I use ADX 2(parameter)and I placed vertical red lines on the peaks of ADX.
This is used for closing positions only.
For filtering of entry positions ADX levels can be used at the same time !
What is above 50, or higher, is good to go.
What is bellow 50 is NO TRADE !
And look : we are on 5MIN TF EUR/USD !
We have to be extremely careful with any strategy, as if it’s not done right then we could create huge problem for us. I work with FreshForex, where they have great setup from low spreads, high leverage and then there is 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus to help big time.

[Image: Da1bZrW.jpg]
To become a successful trader, a new trader needs to learn basics of forex market. Trading is not an easy task, we all know that. When I started my trading career, I had no knowledge about forex.

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