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This system is very profitable, it's a system you can make 100- 400 percent( 400 percent if you compound) return in a month with a risk of 1-2.5 per trade, risk to reward from 1:2- 1:10 depending on the day. I know you have probably heard this before but this is very different.

Have been seeing this pattern while looking for something else for over 5 months now, it just dawn on me this morning how profitable i would been by now if i had traded this before now. but no regrets i still have so many trading days ahead. That's all i can give you for now but just trust yourself and it's better you try and not at all and miss out.

The System:
1. When you get an alert after the the price has close below previous days low/ above previous day's high on the 5 mint time frame

2. You check in any in currency strength indicator if one is in the weakest zone and the other in the strongest zone, i uses

3. Price must below or above 20 MA and 200 MA

4. You Enter there you have the first engulfing candle in the direction of the trend OR

Entry : You enter at the close of the 5 mint candle after closing below/ high of previous day without waiting for engulfing

Take Profit: Trail with 20 MA OR as it suits you ( your personal preference)

[Image: Screenshot_3.png]

5. Exit at when price close below or above 20 MA or 50 pips stop loss ( In your template you must have 200 MA and 20 MA).: sometimes you can get 1:2 to 1:10

Note: the reason for the currency strength is to help remove fake movement, we believe that when it breaks the the prev high/ low and its the weakest or strongest there is much tendencies trending very well. Any other thing i remember along the way i will pass it across.

Template and indicators are below

Add your comments so that we can improve this.

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.ex4   Symbol changer profit display v3.ex4 (Size: 33.47 KB / Downloads: 20)
.ex4   StatMonitor_1.1-Phat-.ex4 (Size: 5.35 KB / Downloads: 20)
.ex4   HolyCandleTime.ex4 (Size: 2.21 KB / Downloads: 18)
.tpl   # Martinez ECN Trend follow 5 Mint Instuition..tpl (Size: 41.14 KB / Downloads: 24)
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