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SweetTrend expert Advisor with 600% in an year


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The sweet trend expert advisor is based on Trend, RSI and breakout strategy.

This EA works best for GBPUSD pair in H4 timeframe. The best part is this EA has predefined Stoploss and Take profits mentioned.

No Martingale or no Grid used.

Below are the test details.

This EA was tested with IC Markets standard and ECN account.
Pair: GBPUSD(AUDUSD also gave good results but not as good as GBPUSD)
TimeFrame: H4
Balance: 1000
Profit: 9000+ in year
Risk: 1%
Spread: 1.6Pip(Average standard spread) or 0.5 pips for ECN account.
Time period: 1 Year

You can even use this EA with small accounts like 100$ or 500$ account. 
This EA was backtested using 100% modelling tick quality downloaded from tickstory.

[Image: SeetTrendEA.jpg]

Please test the EA in demo before using it live or use it with low balance accounts.

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.ex4   SweetTrendEA.ex4 (Size: 24.93 KB / Downloads: 328)
I try it. It give me this error.

2020.06.01 12:10:36.792 Stop_Hunter GBPAUD,H1: Error sending BUY Stop order : 4055
Please use GBPUSD H4 and download the tick data from Tickstory or Dukascopy to backtest.

I am trying for ward test and it is clearly working for me. It will work for you also just run it on demo account and see.
Basic EA Programmer
Getting verry bad results in the backtest, maybe not as good as you sugested...
89% winners so far, 34/38 and +$37 since 1st of month.... so testing ok on the 2 pairs thus far!
Check it on a few years, you wil always blow account like most EA's you share, Titan G7 full version makes profit on longer term, i backtested over 10 years...
this is a good EA but there are some flaws in it :
1. it can set TP and SL after reset at friday
2. when market rangebound it will takes big loses
3. sometimes it reach near the TP and then the market reverse and it lost the trade

if theres someone who can decompile it and make some update then it can be better, i tried it on a live account in 2 weeks it can make 100% profit and the next week it blown the account because of the market rangebound cant reach the TP and then reach the SL.
This ea can be improved and increase its yield.
1. Set begin and end trading hours. Most of the stop loss are from quiet hours trades which can be avoided.
2. Instead of rigid TP and SL values. It can be improved by a tailor-made trailing stop and exit based on bar close. Much more pips can be gained when there is a strong favorable market movement.
The coder is welcome to discuss with me for the detailed amendments.

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