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Testing EA in Renko charts in MetaTrader


Many people messaged me regarding how to test any EA in Renko charts. Below is the step by step instructions for them.

1. Download Tickstory to download the historical ticks. You can use free version of Tickstory incase if you cant purchase it. Free version can only allow one year data.

2. After installing TickStory Right click on pair which you wanted to test and select export to file.

[Image: Tick_1.JPG]

3. Now select the start and end dates for which you need to test data. Select Timeframe as Tick as we are using renko charts.

[Image: tick_2.JPG]

4. Click Ok.

5. Once the data is exported, Place the RenkoFSTBuilder.ex4 file in MT4 scripts folder and restart mt4.

6. After restart, run the RenkoFSTBuilder and enter the path for CSV file downloaded in step 1 , starting date, end date and Time frame and click ok.

[Image: tick_3.JPG]

7. Once the script shows complete, you may now test your EA by selecting the Timeframe you entered above.

Happy Trading.

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