A007 smart hedge EA for better profits


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A007 smart hedge EA works with smart hedging, we have developed the safest strategy on the market, not martingale, it uses a hedging system, so no matter which direction the market goes, profit will appear in the order grid portfolio.

There will always be balance between buy and sells; therefore the negative is very low and the profit is mathematical. DD is very low on average 15%, average profit 10% to 50% per month in capital. The recommended minimum capital is 600 USD/ 0.01. use a low spread account, leverage above 1: 500



The drawdown could be less as there is no martingale. But due to the EA's hedging feature, there might be multiple trades opening at same time. For now, please try it with EURUSD only in H1 time frame. Test in demo account for forward test before using it live.


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Scrat can you post the link to the mql monitoring you have screenshotted here? also is this a one chart set up EA or does it need to be loaded on multiple charts to trade other pairs?