Copy Trading or MAM Account Service


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Hello trader....
Quite a long time i'm silent after joining this group to formulate my own trading strategy and after almost 6 months than i appear today with plan to provide newbie a Copy Trading or MAM Account service.

- Propose Initial Deposit: USD500.00
- Manager Fee: 35%
- Broker: To Be Notify (preferable low spread broker)
- Expected Monthly Profits: Not sure....still under observation
- Trading lot Size: max. 0.1

Take a look on trading results as attached for your consideration.

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  • iRektor - Weekly Trading Overview 23-17 Nov 2020.rar
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Besides copy trading, there is another type services from brokers that works like as a bridge between trader and investor trader, namely PAMM trading service, investor trader can invest money on the respective master account that chosen, in FXOpen they also offer PAMM trading service to monitoring rating here