Price Action Trading Strategy


I am going to share a price action strategy that is 85% profitable and is consistent all the time. It works with all major pairs.

What is Price Action? Investopedia says, Price action trading is the movement of a security's
price. Price action forex is encompassed in technical and chart pattern analysis, which attempt to find
order in the sometimes seemingly random movement of price. Swings (high and low),
tests of resistance and consolidation are some examples of price action.
For my own definition in short I can say Price Action is Price Movement in Action or an
Action that the Price is taking.

In Plotting our Price Action Lines, there are some certain criteria that has to be met before
taking our trades, which are,
1. There must be a Matching Top or Bottom. Japanese candlestick pattern call this a
Tweezer, this a situation where by the candlestick top or bottom are equal at
2. There must be an Engulfing. An engulfing is referred to as when the new
candlestick covers the previous.
3. The Candlestick engulfed must have a long wick than body

How does candlestick back counting work?
1. We place a line on the Matching top or bottom as seen in the image above
2. We Draw the line 10 candlesticks forward( This might be challenging for new
formations because there is no candlestick forward, but you should be able to use the
same length of a past traded line drawn to apply in a new formation.)
3. We Draw the line back to the highest/lowest candlestick before the reversal was
made( Maximum of 14 candlesticks back)

The attached price action PDF contains the strategy with images and detail explanation.


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Make trade as simple as possible, stay away from complicating trading, price action is the most simple trading setup, the trader just learn about candlestick pattern, reading directly to the chart is represented the real market condition, I like this price action trading